Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Thanks for the tip Weesie, but I think any skiing done by me will look like this! I remember driving in snow and black ice. Best bet is front wheel drive, and don't hit the brakes, stay steady on the throttle. The wheels will pull you where you point them, even on ice if you don't expect too much to fast. Same thing with 4 wheel drive! Most folks don't know this but, in 4wd the front wheels turn a slight bit faster then the rears. This is to keep the back from coming around on a curve or heavy throttle application. When stopping, trust anti lock brakes and stay on the pedal! The noise scares people into letting off. End of mechanic and winter driving nut's lesson. Talked to oldest daughter yesterday. It seems someone stole a credit and debit card from her while at work. She was very upset about it all. Yes they were used. As bad as she felt, at 21 she is gonna have lots worse stuff happen to her over the years. Wish I could shield her from the crap life throws at us, but then she would become weak.

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