Saturday, November 05, 2005

What the hell?

Is France still burning? So they have a military that can shoot unarmed people in Ivory Coast, but not a few rioters in and around Paris. Why? Is it because these guys are not black? Let em burn the place to the ground, I'm not going there for a visit. Anything to do with France that is near and dear to me is either my wife or a Canadian friend. Speaking of Canadian friends, I had one point out to me that Iran might not be that far along in her attempts at a nuke. He believes that the program would be taken out, as was the Iraqis in the 80's. I spoke to a former SEAL that says he and friends were there a few years back, got into a fight and left. They brought their dead home with them. He wouldn't say where or why they were there. Also told me they were anywhere Uncle Sam wanted eyes and ears. I think Mosad has better eyes and ears then we do. I think Collin is right!

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