Friday, November 04, 2005

Hillbillies and such

Hey all! I just got in from dinner, wife's out of town. I don't starve though, I go out. My wife is the worlds greatest cook, so if I want to eat well I have to pay dearly. We, I and Dcat, and also Mike, have been called Red Necks Hillbillies and such by some of our fans. :) These things are true on my part, I doubt on the parts of the others. I have learned to enjoy a good meal, and good wine. Tonight was Pork Forrester. A tenderloin stuffed with apples, on a bed of cornbread dressing, mashed taters n gravy, Veggies, squash, carrots and peppers in a mushroom sauce with herbs. Wash it down with a couple of Amber Bocks, then home and a good bottle of Merlot. Spending time with my favorite bartender (Jeff you will make a great lawyer some day) a Democrat, to top off the evening. I saw on Fox news the feed from Argentina, people throwing firebombs and burning the stars and stripes ( I got one they can try an burn!) setting fire to their own city! Dummern dirt, without the use! I remember the riots in LA, I saw a sign on a building that said "black owned" it was a fried chicken place full of fat black looters. If that was a smart black man, he took his insurance money and opened up in a different part of town. I hurt my arm yesterday at work, got up and went in again today. Am I missing something here?

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