Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hello people! Let me introduce myself. I am Olivia C. The dog is my best friend Reeses, or Beans for short. I am one year old this month! This makes me almost an adult, so dad let me have the keys to his blog for the night! WOO HOO! I, like all the other animals around here, am a rescue. My mom got me from under a house at the beach, when she and a vet assistant friend of hers came down to ride horses on the beach. A woman was feeding my mom and us kittens for a few weeks, trying to befriend us. I, being the social creature that I am, had no problem with that! The woman picked me up and gave me to my new mom, Mrs C. I was scared to death! I even hid in the truck up on top of the glove box! When I got to my new home I found two big dogs and a psychotic black cat! The cat gave me some trouble at first but my friend Beans the Doberman intercedes on my behalf. It didn't take long to rule this roost! I like to take some of Beans' food and bat it around the house! Beans doesn't mind but Cooper dog growls if I keep him awake too late. I try to be quiet but hey, I'm a cat! We are nocturnal. I am a very loving kitty, so I need lots of attention. I love mom and dad, but I'm sure glad to have Beans to love on when everyone else thinks I'm a pest! Beans, I love you cause you're cuddly! You know I need cuddly!

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