Sunday, October 30, 2005


I thought I would write about bullies. I have always been small for my age, and combined with the thick glasses I’m forced to wear, I’ve learned a little about bullies. Bullies can be of several types. While it is true for the most part that they are insecure, it isn’t the only reason that they bully. A physical bully is the insecure one. They have to throw their weight around to look cool, or tough. An intellectual bully is simply arrogant. The bully that is both, is the nasty one. No insecurity there, just meanness. Most of our trolls are in the mean category. I’ve learned that a bully will back down when the spotlight is on him. In other words, point him out for all to see. I’ve always had to fight bullies, and so now always will. A good case in point is the recent banter between John and myself at the Iraqi pub. John is a bully. (Yes John that is why you are banned) I remember the times I got beaten while everyone watched, to afraid of the bully to do anything. I remember being afraid. As an adult I don’t see to many bullies anymore, but when I do I go after them. I will never have the “it doesn’t concern me attitude” about anything. That is part of why I support the war in Iraq, a nest of bullies, and those that would cozy up to them. To answer the critics, Sofo for one. Yes I wish we were in the Ivory Coast, and all over Africa. Even I know that you can’t charge every windmill, but I hope we try. I’ve been called simple by one of the bullies. I believe that right and wrong are also simple. If you see a bully, walk him down!

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