Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whats goin on!

Hey all! Yes the phone line is fixed! :)
Don't know if I can post pics yet, but if not I will ask Dcat to post something for me. I have completed my 50 hours of community service today at the boyscout camp. Did more digging of water lines, and some siding. I had forgotten that I used to know how to use a hammer and saw. I had a tiring but good time. I may even volunteer some time. After I get caught up on my honey do list. Moral is don't fuss and fight with spouse! Another way of putting it...."Make love, not war!" Looking for a new job, as I am having a very bad time with the one I have. To many issues to discus, but taking a lot of criticisms and not liking it. At almost 43 I' ve been around the business for 31 years, and don't have to kiss anyone's ass. Most certainly not someone that can't do a simple brake job. I have lots of good friends in the business here and they will help me through my latest folly, as I would them. Finally, let me say that I am very grateful to the people that read and support me.

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