Monday, October 24, 2005

The weekend

Hey all! I thought I would tell you a little about our weekend. Sorry, no pics forgot the camera. Mrs. C had a meeting to attend in ST. Augustine Florida, Saturday. She likes to drag me along on these excursions to share the adventure. One of the reasons I love her, is that she makes life an adventure. While she was at her meeting, I went walking. (I love to walk) went to a park where Ponce De Leon came ashore and claimed Florida for Spain. They have a small planetarium that put on a show about celestial navigation. I learned a lot. Later that day, I went to the site of the Catholic mission, which is the first on North America. Being of the Catholic faith, I found it quite interesting, infact very moving. I got back to our room in time to watch my team win again in overtime! Yay! Go Blue! About that time, Wife and friend got back from the meeting. We then went bar hopping and stayed up way too late. Sunday, we stopped in Savannah Georgia to see the sites by the river. This is the place that Mike of got the pic of the USS Cole, a while back. Neat side story, last weekend we went to the mall to get wife an outfit for this meeting. She took way too long, so I ended up at a lil bar in the mall chatting with a man from Savannah. He told me of several good places to eat and drink. As luck would have it, He saw me and came over to say hi! It really is a small world.

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