Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stimulus Package

So we seem to have lost our way. We can't seem to tell what is and what isn't a stimulus package. Let me help. Tom and Gisele Brady seem to have all the bases covered. My wife and I agree.
Moving on to Cash for Clunkers..... Not so much.
I have wanted to get my wife to swap her old car. (a 15 year old Acura with 270,000 miles on it) Cash for Clunkers would seem to be the tipping point. 4500 bucks for a new car. I'd buy a GM cause I get them at employee price. Turns out, the old Integra, with all its leaks and faults doesn't qualify. It gets too good MPG. Gotta be 18 or less. I thought the idea was to move cars, American cars. Nope! The idea seems to be to get the poor a new car partly on my dime. Meanwhile I wait for better times. Hmmm. So I guess it was about global warming? Nope. Total emissions savings are about one hour a year. This is before we take into count the cost of recycling these old cars. So who won in this deal? Not Me! Not you either unless you had an old car that qualified. Not GM or Chrysler, most folks bought Japan or Korea. Yeah we wanted to stimulate the Koreans? While Gisele might stimulate me, I have no idea what stimulus the Clunkers program is, and to whom. Can't wait for Universal Health care so I can try to see a doctor for this stimulus headache!

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