Monday, August 17, 2009

I did it again

So I'm on the tool truck today, and Woody, the prop asks me if I know Keith, from my area.
Yes I say, we drink together, and enjoy a bit of Cheers like camraderie.
Seems Keith has died. I knew he was very sick. He told me when he was diagnosed with cancer. He didn't stand a chance. I had the chance to know him better, but didn't take the time. I thought about all I knew about him, and it was scant. He came out of Ohio, by way of Virginia. We both did the same thing. He for Car Max. He was a damn good mechanic. I would know. He was a better human being. This too, I would know. He worked mere blocks from me, and we sometimes ate at the same bar for lunch. We always spoke, always chatted. Hell, I knew where he lived, but we didn't hang. After finding out about his diagnosis, I meant to leave him with my number so as to help if I could. I didn't and now I can't. Rest in peace my friend.

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