Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lets fire Rick Wagoner

Lets fire Rick Wagoner. We can do that because we own the company, right? Uhh don't think so. I might own stock in GM, but Barack doesn't! I don't get to fire him either. I'm not an elected member of the board.
Why would I fire a guy that for the last five or six years has done all he can to make GM a profitable company? What did he do wrong?
He was too slow and methodical, and didn't get enough out of the unions. Thirty two years with the company. Thirty two years putting GM first. Walking away when it would help his company survive to fight another day. It isn't about money this time folks, It's about thirty two years. It's about the cars. It's about a legacy! It's about putting your name up there with Ransom, and Harley, and Arkus, and yes even DeLorean. It's about the cars. It's about the people like my Dad, who put thirty years of his own into the cars.
The company was streamline and ready to make money until this latest mess. Thanks Enron, AIG, Banking industry. It's about America! You don't have the right to pick a head of a private company! We don't do that here!

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