Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Loose thoughts and demons an such

I was reading that Obama is willing to take missile defence off the table in exchange for Russian help with Iran. North Korea is going to test a new missile that can reach the west coast. HUH?
I was reading a story about John C Odom. He was a minor league pitcher that was traded for ten Maple bats. He ended his life full of drugs and alcohol. Not sure if he meant to or not, but he had his demons. It would seem they drug him off. I am Catholic, so to me the fight isn't over. I'll say a prayer or two at least for his soul. Feel free to pitch in if you will. (no pun intended)
We all have our demons, some more real then others. Some of our own making and some not. I have fought most of my demons and if not won, at least have them locked up out of sight. I'll share one with you that I still carry. I hope to put him down but he isn't heavy enough yet. When I was a kid I got picked on a lot. Got beaten by total strangers in school just because they could.It's easy to whip a small four eyed kid. Problem is, He remembers. He remembers every taunt, fist, prank, and slight. At forty six, he still hates you. Always will. I remember the time I finally got enough skill to win. The poor sap owes his life to the friends of mine that pulled me off. Funny I don't hate him anymore. The rest of them are safe, I did lock him up remember, but I hear him now and again, snorting and shuffling along nearby. I think Odoms demon was too strong and he didn't have the help he needed. Traded for ten bats. Somebody ought to kick those GMs asses. I have friends that have demons that are chasing them all over the place. A few of them I love with all my heart, but am powerless to help. Tonight's message is this. "Life is a contact sport. Try to remember that all of us have bruises, and to lend a hand when you can."

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