Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stupid spots

Anyone notice those dumb white ovals folks have in their cars? You know the ones. Stuff like OBX for outer banks. I hate them. I want one that says SWO for stupid white oval. I saw one that was even worse today. It was a blue spot on a red background. Said I'm a bright blue spot in a very red state. Huh? Well then someone doesn't belong, right? Kinda like when I go into a new bar and can't see the people til someone cracks a joke. Hmm guess I might wanna leave. I digress. There is nothing about you that makes me think you're bright, Mr blue spot! I think you might be rather dull in fact. I wonder how far one can center one of those with a .300, or an ought6? Might make a great contest one day. To hell with Turkey shoots, lets use those blue spots. For the record I think they originated in Dick Hater Georgia, aka Decatur.

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