Monday, October 05, 2009

What next

Pic is of Lake superior from the catwalk of Crisp Point lighthouse. Anyone see Pelosi crying that there will be blood? Nothing gets past her does it? I was following the story about two Black boys that beat an autistic white kid on a bus in St Louis. Thugs at 14 and 15 but not charged as adults, and no hate crime! In my world you'd be in chains working a field til you got the message. So the arabs and the commies are going to ditch the dollar. So what? Ditch their products. Had it up to my eyes with the lot of them, and I'll quit my job to make some American made TV or such. I'd do it for less money just to take my shot at em. I saw some wind turbines in the last week. Didn't think they ruined the skyline where I was. Looked like God providing as he promised. I wonder when they will try to take our guns? I wonder if that is where it starts. I read that El Baradai (sp) thinks that a nuke armed Israel is the biggest threat to peace. Is he fucking kidding me? The stupid have truly out bread us, and we are doomed to a colossal fight. A friend told me the other day, "I'm scared, but excited". I'm neither. I'm angry that my quiet life has to be disrupted by liberal thinking dumb asses. Seek God in the quiet places that you can hear him. Seek God in the noisy places that you may know his authority.

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