Tuesday, October 17, 2006


As many of you know I went to the windy city for the weekend. Winds were 35 mph and about 38 f with some light snow. My main reason for going was to see my oldest daughter graduate from the Navy boot camp.
A secondary reason was to meet our friend Diane, and see some art.
My daughters graduation was a nice event made even better because she was in the performing division carrying one of the state flags. She starts out her Navy career as an e 3, two notches ahead of many because of her determination to go to school and earn enough college credits while waiting for her turn to serve. Members of my family have served in every generation and conflict since ww1 except panama. That would have been my turn had I been physically accepted to serve. I am proud of all our service and dedication to keeping watch through the night, and it is now my daughters turn. She is a good person, and a brave young woman that I've a lot of respect for.
The second thing about the trip was the art show. The show was held in the Hispanic area of Chicago, and had I a few days more I'd still be there eating from all the local restaurants. My wife and I got to meet some of the artists, and had a nice chat with Diane and Maryam Hashemi. I would like to thank Diane for the tour, and opening the cage to let me see and touch the exhibits. I am no art connoisseur but with Diane's help I was able to see the many facets of the work which they do, and why they do it. I came away impressed with these people and their skills, but mostly their minds. One of the things I've noticed over the last 20 years is that we are all in a fight of some kind. Some choose to stay in the shadows and some choose to step up and confront. Diane and her compatriots step up in a big way. As a man with daughters I thank you. To Miss Hashemi...... "I don't trust the parrot!" :)

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