Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ramblings Two

Have you ever noticed how many people stay for years in a relationship that is going nowhere and doesn't bring any joy to their lives? I'm not talking about people that put up with run around Ron or Rachel, just normal people that don't really have anything but history going for them. I wonder when contentment turns to just plain tired. I wonder how one faces a gaff like the beauty queens and continues to move forward. It seems to have a good bit to do with the perception of risk and reward that everyone faces each day. Sometimes we can't get moving because we don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it's just easier to stay put rather then risk the gains of yesterday for the promise of tomorrow that we can't see. As for our beauty queen, I might not think much of what it is you do and doubt your ability to make it in this world without your looks but I damn sure admire the effort. I remember reading that Henry Hudson while at a dinner function with the movers and shakers of Detroit and the automotive scene said that he was starting his own company with fifty million dollars to get it going. Even then no one said much, but one voice said "give that man one white chip!" He thought he had a kings ransom but couldn't even make it to the second hand before he went bust. Bet he wished that he had stayed pat. No one has seen Steve Fossett in a few days......I think he might should have stayed put. Then there is Bill Gates........ Never mind. I don't know the difference between living life to its fullest and being a damn fool but I hope we do it just the same.

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