Tuesday, October 02, 2007

John and Jean Paul Sartre

"Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance".

John I want some of what you're smoking! Quoting a Marxist loser with that? Knowing that I'm an inbred savage that never went to university might explain some of my derision, but maybe not. We have some grads that read this blog and I hope someone wants to help out with a discussion. As for the quote above I might agree with the middle "prolongs itself out of weakness" but the rest is trash. Way to godless for me. Having seen the unseen and known the unknowable I have learned there is a reason for every hair on my head as well as every baby that dies. I don't much believe in chance when it comes to death either. I believe in a warm woman on a cold night, and a cold beer on a warm night. I believe that every sunrise was put just where it was just for me by a benevolent being. Yours are a bit different then mine just for you. I believe that when death comes I will have had a part to play in it and that it won't be the end. I don't believe that I have any knowledge of what comes next or who will be there. I know without a doubt that I have seen into the future enough to affect its outcome hence the knowledge that there is one more powerful then me. I believe everyone must live with their own burdens and that we can lighten or increase the loads. I'll give a short example. Yesterday I was sitting eating my lunch in an interior room at work when a young and plump woman came in crying and begging for money for food. My first thought was just another ghetto dweller preying upon the rest of us. I gave her a couple of bucks just to get her out, knowing that she would just go get a beer or two. She got real happy and the tears vanished like magic as did she. I believe she went and got a couple of King Cobras and that is for her to live with. I believe I gave her enough to get a meal at the Hardees and I have to live with that! I don't have to live with having told her no and to get the hell out. I believe there is no such thing as nothing.

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