Thursday, February 23, 2006

More on spring.

I noticed the grass is getting a little shaggy in spots. Time to get the mower ready to go. I have a big yard, about an acre, not all lawn, but still a lot to do. Now that there is some greenery, I hope what ever ate my golden eunymous shrub, will leave it alone. Something ate every leaf it had. I hope it will live, more leaves coming. I think the Chaste tree is dead, will wait a couple more weeks and then get another. I used to have a green thumb while I lived up north, down here I'm known in plant circles as the grim reaper. Soon I will begin attempt 5 at growing a confederate rose, otherwise known as a hybiscuss. Those things quake at the sight of me. My neighbor Judy, has a lovely yard full of neat plants. I would go steal some, but she reads this blog, and I'd kill them anyway.;) I miss the smell of Lilacs in the spring. It was my mothers favorite scented flower. You have been gone eight years now, and I still miss you mom, especially in the spring.

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