Monday, February 20, 2006


I found myself watching the Olympics the other night. I'm not fond of the games, seems to be a bunch of cheating and whining brats to me. I found myself watching the U.S. speedskaters in the 1000 meter race. The topic of discussion was about one of our best people not skating in the team event, to save himself for the 1000, his best event. Seems we got our asses kicked. Our fastest man, in long distance (Chad Hedrick) was mad because our fastest medium distance guy,(Shani Davis) wouldn't skate with the team to go for gold. Shani says it wasn't a team, and he is the one that worked so hard to get there, so he was going to save himself for his best event. I have a few points to make about this event. Once, a long time ago, I was an athlete. I was a very good one! I too competed one on one, but I always wore the teams colors when I competed. I knew who I represented, and I represented more then just me! Shani, when you received your gold medal, they played a song.......Our national anthem! The song, represented America. It's a shame you did not! Much was made of the fact that you were the first African American man to win a winter medal. So how about it Shani? Are you an African? American? If African, which country? It is a continent you know. You acted pissed off in your after race interview. The woman was doing her job, Shani! You win gold and then treat someone like shit? I read that you didn't like people using the n word about you on your website. I would agree that it wasn't right for people to do that, but you made it easy for them. If you don't want to be stereotyped, then don't act stereotypical! Back to the colors for a moment Shani. You are an American athlete, not an African one. You represent us, all of us, Shani. Remember the stars and stripes?

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