Friday, September 01, 2006

My name is Queenie

My name is queenie.
My name is queenie, and I served a man. I died today, but before I went into that dark night I got to tell a small segment of a story. It is the story of my owner and my love, the man I served for over thirty years. The man who would not give me up even though my bones were old and brittle, and I ached in every fiber of my being. As you can see I'm a vintage Ford LTD. I was bought by a man as a new car many years ago, 1971 I believe. My man is a very powerful and well thought of man though I believe I was proceeded in death in some ways by my man. My man was a Football Coach at a major southern university where he compiled the best winning percentage of all that had coached there. He then retired and became a state senator that represented his people as only a southern gentleman would, with only their best interests at heart. It was my duty to ferry the Senator back and forth to work, and his many engagements including family activities. I have been very fortunate to have had the best care by mechanics that loved me, and my man. As the years rolled by and parts became impossible to get, my mechanics made and improvised parts to keep me alive. I've always been proud to be the Senators Queen, and He always proud of me. Time is a friend of no man, or car and we both have aged. My beloved man, the one I've shielded lo these many years is ill with the most foul of the devils work, Alzheimers. I know that I'm his memory train, storing thirty years of thoughts and memories but I grow weary. It is time now for me to pass and so I shall among friends that have cared for me these many years, only to await you dear Senator.
My name is queen, and I served a man.

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