Sunday, March 25, 2007


So now we witness another mis-step by the Britons. one would think that by this time they would know how to deal with a bully. The fact that Iran has fifteen of your troops precludes you from dealing from the position of strength. It's time to kiss a lil ass until you have your people back. The correct way to handle these matters is to get your people back and then send a message that this will be met with a very strong response in the future. (don't see that kind of shit happening to the Russians) You back your threat with a strong slap in the face. I would sink a large ship of war. Be ready for the retaliation, and be willing to escalate to the point you win! If it means leaving a big smoking hole in the ground then so be it. One must remember the reason for their strength is our weakness; so don't be weak! Ohh and as for the rest of the world? nanny nanny boo boo, I'll stick yer face in doo doo! Or to put it another way... Piss off buggers!

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