Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bendable minds

“Minds are like books, sometimes open and sometimes shut, and not always when they are supposed to be.” The quote as you know is mine, I've used it a bunch. Some here know that I have a brother, what most don't know is that I don't speak to him. It isn't because I don't love him because I do very much. The problem is, he has a bendable mind. I'm not talking about someone that can see the errors of his ways and learn another direction, I'm talking about someone that can see any ones point of view and follow along blindly. I lost my brother to the seventh day Adventist church. Most that know me well know that I'm a very spiritual person though not in ways that most Christians could ever understand. While I believe I have inside information I don't profess to be right. I don't choose to bend minds. I instead choose to look for wisdom. I get it from knowledge coupled with experience.
I told you about the warning I got about an up coming movie, The Golden Compass.
The warning came from a mind bender. The author of the book the movie is based on is a mind bender. Each in their own right believe that they are correct and thus have something of value to say. I took the time to see the movie trailer, and to read up on the author. Looks like another fun story written by another whack job. (see Dr Seuss)
I've got some friends that read this blog that are special to me for the very reason that they aren't bendable. I was thinking of John and Dcat for sure. I don't always agree with what they think and say but I love the strength that they have about them. Indigo red is a searcher of wisdom as well and not a mind bender. I have some friends that twist in the wind unable to confront their own wonderful minds, unable to step where the water is deep and you can't see your feet! I've always tried to guide people not to my point of view but to use that which they have to see the fuller picture. So this night I wonder which is worse, to be a leader and wrong or a follower and wrong? I don't have the answer but you can bet I'm going to be leading the parade!

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