Monday, November 19, 2007

Old Sins

I was thinking about old sins the other day. Not the kind that Christians would think about but much bigger and deeper then the crap that the ten commandments deal with. Everyone knows not to lust after your neighbors wife or cow etc etc. Doesn't stop a damn soul from doing it anyway. The kind of sin I'm talking about is the mistakes that we make on the road we call life. simple misjudgements and bad decisions along the way. These are the things that we and others live with sometimes for many years with bad effect at some points. If I'm driving too fast and get in a wreck I might get hurt or hurt someone else. The results might be minimal or far reaching but soon apparent. What if I pick the wrong job? How long will it take me to change? What are the effects? What if I pick the wrong girl? How many years before I make a change? What then? What of my political choices? Can that affect me? It's funny how much we take for granted about the future, never believing in the long term effects. Sometimes I've seen the effects of some decisions twenty thirty even forty or more years later on some people. The reason? Hindsight! Hindsight is the only way one can see an old sin, and judge it for what it was.

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