Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Caroline's page

And so the crap begins to hit the fan. I don't remember the dates, but our lovely office lady, Bob's wife Caroline was stricken with lung cancer. More background, we have one of the oldest continues auto repair shops in the country. Started by Bob's Daddy, in 1923. We cater to old line city residents, lots of lawyers, a supreme court judge, and lots of doctors. We serve three hospitals, one a level 1 trauma center. Bob attacked the disease with information, spending hours on the web, looking for help. He was prepared to move heaven and earth for her, if he could just find out how. After all was said and done, our people did the surgery, and removed a lung. It didn't take too long before the news was bad, they didn't get it all. The hope then went to Chemo, and as always, God. It was then that she found the strength to quit smoking. She then inspired me to quit, and give my nagging wife the thing she most wanted. She told me to do something fun with the money I saved, she gave the kids a last great Christmas. I bought a boat. She offered me the last little bit I needed to be successful. I remember Bob telling me that he was concerned, the children didn't seem to realize their mother's time was short. This is the one and only time he seemed not to know what to say, or do. He used to tell me, "Leaders, lead.". I would have given anything to have been able to take that burden from him, and her.

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