Monday, March 27, 2006

War part three

So when you fight this war, do we fight against Islam? How about just the radicals? Are there any Muslims fighting with us? How far can we trust them? The answer is: It depends. Who fights with us and who fights against us is a matter of what day it is, and who's pissed at us that morning. My good friend Indigo Red, makes some fine points on his blog. See link at right. Also see comments in War part one. My point is this; There is no place for non-Muslims in islam. There is no place for Islam in its current form in the west. Do I think all Muslims are evil? No, I covered that earlier. I would phrase it like this. If you show tolerance for the west, you are not a good muslim. This doesn't bother some of them, just like it doesn't bother me that I don't go to church and am not a good christian. Will they come and try to kill me? Not likely. Will I try to kill them? Not without some real provocation. Here's where that apathy comes into play. The correct response of the people in Afghanistan to that convert should be a resounding "So what!"To kill or threaten to kill this man means you are wrong, and have already lost. Is islam salvageable? Not for me to say.

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