Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Racism part two

OK so I had a lot to say about the Mexican immigrant thing, but it will have to wait. As I’ve stated, I work in the ghetto. The things I see on a day to day basis do justice to the song “Doctor my eyes. I have done all that I could, to see the evil and the good.” Today was no exception. I got back from lunch and noticed some trash down the hill from where I work. I’m looking out the back door of the building down a hill at an empty lot that used to contain a church. I’ve always thought of it as hallowed ground. My building is a drive through garage, with a truck door at each end. As you go out the back, you have about thirty to forty feet before you come to the fence that separates the property from that below it. Beyond this point there used to be a small black church. By black I mean the people that went there, not the color of the building. The church only had about five members at service, and that only every other Sunday. The rest of the time the drive was used for hookers to do their tricks out of sight of all except us at the back door early in the morning. (No they don’t seem to mind if you watch. Or even puke.)
A few years ago the church burned down due to an electrical problem in an extension cord. Now it is just a lot, in the middle of a green space behind our building.
So after lunch I was talking to my manager when he asked me if that was a person lying out there by the trash along the fence. I can’t see well so I went to have a look. What I found was a Black male of undetermined age lying in the dirt of a recent sewer project. The day was warm, so his coat was besides him along with a large duffel bag. He seemed to be asleep. Continued

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