Saturday, April 15, 2006

Special Olympics

Mrs. C is a supporter of Special Olympics. She was telling me that she saw a mother and daughter at the grocery store, and noticed the daughter was retarded. She was also wearing two blue ribbons from the special Olympics. The young lady was very happy to have her ribbons. She should be! She earned them fair and square. Those ribbons are a symbol of achievement! It might seem a small thing to us, but to the winner of such! Well it could be a lifetime achievement. Honest Abe was wrong, all men aren't created equal. Some will never be president of a company, or command others. I do however believe that every success should be considered important, if only for what it allows the person to feel for a while. Self esteem is worth more then gold, even to the retarded. Your assignment if you choose to take it, is to realize that everyone has some value to someone though it might not be apparent.

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