Monday, August 14, 2006

I got tagged.

Time to get to Indigo Reds tag.

The MEME of three.
1... Things that scare me.
a. Losing a child.
B. Losing my wife.
C. Liberals.

2...People who make me laugh.
a. Andrea H.
B. The folks at (Reginald)
C. My Dad.

3...Things I hate the most.
a. Cancer.
B. Bullies.
C. Arrogant people.

4...Things I don't understand.
a. How all the smoke gets inside electronic devices.
B. Why some people beat someone just because they can.
C. Why I can't let that pass.

5...Things I'm doing right now.
a. Answering Indi's tag.
B. Sipping a good Michigan red wine.
C. Waiting for the cloths to dry.

6...Things I want to do before I die.
a. Feel the breast of a female body builder.
B. Feel the breast of any other woman that's ok with it! :)
C. Fly an ultra light.

7... Things I can do.
a. Fix almost anything mechanical.
B. Speed read.
C. Listen.

8... Ways to describe my personality.
a. Outgoing.
B. Funny.

9...Things I can't do.
B. Surgery.
C. Vote democrat.

10...Things I think you should listen to.
a. Wind and rain in the trees.
B. The sound of a fish jumping on a cool quiet morning.
C. Your conscience.

11...Things you should never listen to.
a. Rap
B. Liberals.
C. Nay sayers.

12...Things I'd like to learn.
a. How to ignore idiots.
B. How to do more on the computer.
C. How to write.

13...Favorite foods.
a. Filet Mignon with Garlic potatoes and snow peas.
B. Pork tenderloin.
C. Pizza.

14...Beverages I drink regularly.
a. Good Beer.
B. Wine.
C. Gatorade

15...Shows I watched as a kid.
a. The Night Stalker.
B. The Al E Cat show.
C. Wild wild West.

16...People I'm tagging.
a. Louise at Search.
B. The educated Shoprat.
C. Bandit.

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