Sunday, August 20, 2006

Okey doke. Here it is.

1... Things that scare me.
a. The prospect of a long, lingering, degenerative death. I'd rather make my exit real quick, thank you very much.
b. Losing my eyesight and my brain before I can read all the books on my bookshelf.
c. The big crash when oil runs out. (I won’t be here, but my kids will be.)

2...People who make me laugh.
a. My staff at work. Coffee breaks are a riot.
b. Stephinkeln (aka, da 12th Anon) at ITM
c. My totally free-spirited daughter and her free-spirited friends.

3..Things I hate the most.
a. Political correctness.
b Apologists and appeasers
c. Arrogance.

4...Things I don't understand.
a. Why time passes very, very slowly when you’re young and at warp speed when you get old.
b. Lefties. (I guess I covered them in # 3)
c. People who are sour and negative all the time. (I’d put this one in # 3, too, but you won’t let me have four.)

5...Things I'm doing right now.
a. Answering Tom’s tag.
b. Hunched over my keyboard. (No wonder my back hurts.)
c. Thinking about the long day I have to put in tomorrow.

6...Things I want to do before I die.
a. Write a book.
b. Get fit.
c. Help my kids grow spiritually by doing that myself.

7... Things I can do.
a. Take risks.
b. Lay back and enjoy the journey.
c. Let go the things I cannot change.

8... Ways to describe my personality.
a. Analytical.
b. Funny.
c. Accepting (of most things).

9...Things I can't do.
a. Run a mile.
b. Any math more complicated than grade school arithmetic.
d. Vote democrat. (I can’t vote Republican, either. Hehehehehehe. ;-))

10...Things I think you should listen to (in no particular order).
a. The sounds of nature on a warm summer evening, far out in the country.
b. Children playing.
c. Your conscience.

11...Things you should never listen to.
a. Whiners and complainers.
b. Yourself, when you’re in a bad mood.
c. Self-righteous jerks, like Snot from Oregon and Leech from the Institution.

12...Things I'd like to learn.
a. Tai Chi.
b. How to do more on the computer. (No, I didn’t forget to change this one. I just want to do this, too.)
c. More about history.

13...Favorite foods.
a. Anything that I don’t have to cook myself.
b. Old fashioned Sunday dinners, with a roast of some dead farm animal.
c. Anything with a gazillion calories in it. Why is that?

14...Beverages I drink regularly.
a. Milk.
b. Orange juice.
c. Ice cold water

15...Shows I watched as a kid.
a. Bonanza.
b. Gun Smoke.
c. The Ed Sullivan Show.

16...People I'm tagging.
a. Sorry. Don’t know enough bloggers to feel comfortable doing this.

Anyway, thanks Tom, for giving me the keys to your blog. You may live to regret it. ;-)

Your friend, Louise.

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