Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Old 2

Pic is of a deer walking along the water at my dock.
So I went to a party at TT's house on the fourth. We ate lots of BBQ and listened to a band. The lead is family to friend and reader, "That Man". I like horns in my rock. The band was Modern Disruption. I'll load a song if the CD ever comes my way. So we seem to have a bad neighbor, they are renting their house out by the night or week. Some idiot put a sound system out on the dock.... and all the renters abused it. The music would start around six some mornings, and end around nine that night. I must be getting old. When younger I would just go turn it off for them, now I get the law. I'm going to try and stop the rental of the houses in here on a short term basis. We had a bunch of drunks running up and down the street in a golf cart tossing empty cans. Later that night a neighbors for sale sign got knocked over, and the brochures in it scattered. Tommy wishes he could still see! The summer is dragging by. I wish I could be at work.

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