Thursday, July 17, 2008


Pics are of some of the plumbing that Anthony and I installed, and Anthony wiring the pump, and of the new grass.
So whats been going on round here.
Since having to leave work a couple of months ago, I find I'm not ready to be retired. Not even close. When we bought this property some years back, I had a vision of what it would look like when finished. When my neighbor built the house, I told him to leave the lawn to me. I used to be a landscaper some years back, and thought I could make many things happen, and fast. Enter twelve hour days in the heat and things didn't.... happen. With the help of my neighbors John Deer, I put a front lawn in.... and the drought took it.... again and again and once more. The lake side was burnt clay, aka white rock here. Well, no job to go to, it was time for a lawn. My neighbor, to be referred to as TT for Trusty Ted stopped me. Not without irrigation you don't! So with the help of his right hand man, and my eyes for a week.... Anthony Tyler, the trenches were dug and the pipes buried. A pump was installed. One week later we got grass. By this time my vision was too bad to do the work by my self, so I hired the same people that contoured the land to help lay the sod. Ten and one half pallets of grass, damn near killed me. The grass makes the retaining walls I built years ago stand out. I did good work then. The grass gave me a backache for a week. I used to be able to do all of this in a week by myself. continued

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